Monday, August 1, 2016

Strike the Balance Between Work and Play

I came across the following article the other day on Facebook:

To Work Better, Work Less  by Cody C. Dliestraty
posted in or The Atlantic in 2014.

I think the title sums up the point well enough - working too much decreases productivity.  I've read similar articles before, but for some reason this one spoke to me as a writer.  It reminded me to keep it real and enjoy not just work, but also life.

 How then does this philosophy apply to writers?  The same way it would any other profession.

  As writers we do need to put ourselves down and just write, but sometimes we also need to sit back and take a break from our work.  When we later come back to the piece, we are renewed and can look at the writing a little more objectively . . . well, in theory.

So dear followers find that balance - work, love, writing, play, etc.  Put those interests in any order that works for you, but instead of juggling think about balancing.

Good luck, laugh often, keep it real, and then write about it all.

 Looking forward to sharing many exciting adventures with you all.

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