Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Story Arcing Real Life Adenveture

Trying to decide what to do about my trail experience - to write about it or not.

I have an idea or two, but am struggling with the story arc. How exactly am I going to frame this story?  And what if I want to blend genres?  What else can I do?  Google.

I have come up with some steps and googled a few sites that I found useful and thought other might too.

Story Arc Searches:

1. Google story arc (skip this if you already know what it is and the parts).

2. Google story arc worksheets and/or story arc template images. This really helps me visualize the story and get started.

3. Google story arc generator (if you are stuck for ideas or plot twists).  I like

4. also had lots of good questions and points.

Hope this helps not just me, but you.

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