Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Interesting Writing Link Roundup: 8/10/16

The last few weeks have been busy ones in the writing world! Here are some recent stories and articles I found particularly interesting.
If you've ever worried that you haven't been quite polite enough to agents, this cautionary tale will put things in perspective.

Since I'm due to have my second child in the next few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about the scary things out there in the world and how to help them cope with the challenges they'll face in the future. This awesome article, written by authors Kate Milford and Fran Wilde for the Washington Post, really resonated with me.

Continuing the children theme, I love this NYT article about the benefits of reading real, paper books to your young children. (Part of the reason I feel good about this might be that it justifies the literal hundreds of board and picture books scattered around our house.)

And to end on a lighter note, this story from The Onion is good for a laugh (and maybe just a leeetle bit of reflection on whether there are better ways to promote than those bookstore author events—I'm not a fan, personally!).

Did you see any interesting articles or stories about writing recently?

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  1. Great articles with good points. Thanks for sharing. Brought a smile to my day!