About Us

The four of us met at the incredibly inspiring Big Sur Writing Workshop (http://bigsurwriting.wordpress.com/) in the spring of 2012. We enjoyed the productivity and intelligent discourse so much that we formed a critique group to keep it alive. Now we've branched out to a blog to share our journey and discoveries with others!

Lauren MonahanLauren Monahan

A San Diego native, I've spent the past decade immersed in Shakespeare, Joyce, Salinger, and the most inspiring young minds anyone could have the great honor of knowing as an AP English teacher. I'm lucky to be able to say that I wake up excited every Monday morning to go to work. When not teaching or writing, I do freelance public relations for a local toy company, and even had the opportunity to help them design a top-ranked educational iPad app. My past-blogging life (and occasional run-on post) may be found at www.yearofgreatness.com and I'm on Twitter as @laurenlori. You may contact me at laurenmmonahan@gmail.com.
Triona Murphy
Triona Murphy

After a few false starts, I've finally discovered my true calling—writing YA fiction. I recently moved from Los Angeles back to the US Midwest, where I spend most of my days happily hunched over my laptop. I love speculative fiction in all its forms, and my perfect story is equal parts sci-fi/fantasy, action, adventure, romance, humor, and suspense. Easy, right? I love to connect with other writers on Twitter (@trionabmurphy).

And since one tough-to-break-into artistic career apparently isn't enough of a challenge, I also run a knitting pattern design business. You can check out my other persona on my website, http://trionadesigns.com.

Jennifer Pun
Jennifer Pun

Proud to be the Canadian in this group of talented writers, I’ve spent the last two years as a snowbird calling both Toronto and Los Angeles home. When I’m not writing YA fiction, I’m producing television shows including the international tween series HOW TO BE INDIE and CONNOR UNDERCOVER.  As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the young and the young at heart, although I did spend a few years in the real world as a strategy consultant and equity researcher (I consider those my “transition” years). Lucky for all of you reading my posts, you won’t hear my Canadian accent but I may slip in an “eh” or two just to spice things up.

Stacy Stokes

By day, I'm a marketing professional and hold both a BBA from UT Austin (Hook 'em!) and MBA from The Wharton School of Business. By night, I read, write, drink margaritas, and enjoy living in the beautiful city of San Francisco with my husband and dog, Elvis Presley. But don't let my California address fool you - I was raised in Texas, and can't seem to shake the word "y'all" from my vocabulary. I also have a strange obsession with puns, which might be linked to the three years I spent studying improv comedy at Chicago's Second City and IO theaters. Say hi on Twitter @stacyastokes.

Karen and Mitchell Clayton

Texas born and raised mother and son writing team.  When we aren't writing, we can be found hiking National Parks or most likely at youth sporting events.  Karen enjoys kids, chocolate, small dogs, and Tae Kwon Do.  Mitchell, a bit more active, likes just about anything - football, SUPing, sailing, longboarding, ATA, acting, singing, and learning musical instruments. His biggest accomplishment to date was performing at Carnegie Hall.  Follow us on Twitter @10Mason01.