Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Writing Contest!!!

Win a Teen Beta Reader

Anyone with a manuscript (s)he want tested out by reluctant teen readers. Both aspiring writers and veteran writers in the revision process of a new book are welcome.

1. Title with a 1-2 paragraph synopsis (query text). Include word count.
2. The first page of your ms.
                     IN THE BODY OF THE TEXT
                     to laurenmmonahan@gmail.com (don't forget the second "m" in the middle)

To finalize your entry "join our site" by clicking on the blue icon to the left and following instructions. :)


  • Entries are due by 8PM PST Sunday Feb. 3
  • Names of authors/ titles of books that are selected by the teens as the book each wants to read will be posted on this site on the night of Thursday Feb. 7
  • Selected authors will email the full text of their ms as a Word document to laurenmmonahan@gmail.com by Sunday Feb.10 
  • Selected authors will receive feedback from students, including the place they stopped reading (if they stopped reading) 
  • Students will advocate for their books, and will select a book they most want to see get published.

Where: A high school classroom in Carlsbad, CA.

Why: Find out what reluctant readers think of your work AND empower teens with a voice in the creation of YA literature.

Initial post on the contest: here 


  1. Awesome! Can contributing writers on Thinking to Inking enter? ;-)

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  3. Will try! Thanks for the opportunity! Oh, and I have a question :) How long will it take for the students to get back to us with their comments?

  4. One of the teachers on campus asked to do this as a way to get her students excited about reading, and it's an assignment in her class. She'll be stating the due date as about a month to a month and a half from the collection time for selected works, but it may take a little longer to wrangle the info out of a few of the participants. They're pretty wiley creatures, but she's promised that she'll get feedback from them as soon as she can. That said, she also believes that there are some kids who will zip through the books or bail on them before them. Feedback will be returned to you as we receive it. Hope that helps.

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  6. UGH!!!! I just found this site, too late for the contest. Will there be another?

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