Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013: Baby Steps

January Calendar

This has been by far, one of the hardest posts to write.  

Is it because the subject matter is deep and dark?

Or that the topic is dear to my heart?

Sadly, I'm afraid not.  I am quite simply suffering from New Year's fatigue.  

So having said that, the light bulb flickered (ever so slightly) and I've decided to devote this post to four little things I've done to try and get me out of this rut.  

The first was easy.  I read this article by indie editor Lorin Oberweger.  Instead of five hours in a spin class, this article on writer's hubris is like starting the year off in a warm bath with a good book.  It's food for thought to savour and kick start a productive (and positive) writing groove.    

The second was ordering this:
Scrivener For Dummies

Am I embarrassed that I have the computer skills of a twelve year old (actually, that's probably an insult to those smart little people).  Maybe a tad, but I'm determined to make this year as productive as possible.  If it takes a little pain to get a lot of gain, sign me up!  

The third is something most of us do at least once a day, if not more.  I checked my Facebook account. After copious "Happy New Year" status updates and celebratory photos (some more kosher than others), I clicked on the link to my very supportive writers group who wrote words of encouragement and notes on what they're goals are for 2013.  It's great to know that I'm not the only one swimming uphill to kickstart the New Year. 

Finally, I set a short term goal.  I signed up for the Novel Gurus workshop.  Actually, this is a bit of a lie as I booked the event prior to Jan. 1, but since it's less than two months away, I darn well better get hustling!  

Now if only I can get myself to the gym....   

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