Monday, January 28, 2013

Curious Lives of Teenagers: Being a Teenager is...

According to data collected from high schoolers
Being a Teenager is..

  • Emotionally and physically exhausting

  • Being an adult stuck with childish restrictions

  • Hitting mailboxes with #LobCity

  • Reading Crime and Punishment AND annotating AND writing an essay
  • Complicated
  • You can tell what’s right and what’s wrong à More clever at lying to parents à always getting your way because you’ve learned how to be a pro at manipulating à you feel like you can do anything.
  • Super easy?

  • Like going to a thrift store with $20

  • One Direction #cut4bieber

  • Fun but hurtful

  • Colorful

  • Like being a watermelon, the outside is hard and the inside is cold and mushy

  • Destroying property #LobCity

  • Tiring. I need some time to sleep.

  • Annoying. We’re not kids, but we’re not adults. Just stuck awkwardly in the middle. Really? Come on!

  • Like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what you’re gonna get.

  • Stressful. Teachers and parents try to help, but are unsuccessful.

  • Exhausting.

  • Being yourself, unless you can be Batman…always be Batman.

  • Like eating two bowls of brussel sprouts; no one wants to do it.

  • Fun but extremely tiring.

  • I have no idea

  • Dramatic and fantastic, exciting with a hint of frightening and romantic with a dash of frantic.

  • Fun

  • Rewarding

  • Super stressful

  • Tough but fun learning experience

  • The only time range when you can be completely dependent on your parents and legally an adult

  • Hormonal

  • doing whatever pleases you whenever

  • frustrating at times because older people/adults don’t take you seriously. Especially in a work environment.

  • Dealing with the stupid people around you…including Justin Beiber fans

  • Making friendships that will last a lifetime and probably losing a few, too

  • Constantly questioning yourself

  • Putting yourself out there because you have nothing to lose

  • Ups and downs, lefts and rights, twists and turns and diagonals: it is easy, it is hard, it is life, and it is death, it is rebirth. Being a teenager is just unique… being a teenager is being you

  • Like a really hard workout. If you stay focused and diligent, the experience will benefit you. But if you become side-tracked, your time will be wasted.

  • Great because there’s a restart button at 18.

  • Having as much fun as you possibly can

  • Being molded into who you are by your environment, and is harder than it looks.
**Some kids were attempting to be funny. Humor may not translate well in typed form, but thought it was worth including them nonetheless to get a sense of what they are thinking.
** I didn't include every response, and it should be noted that the most common response -- by far -- was along the lines of "being tired all the time."


  1. This is a great post.

    "The only time range when you can be completely dependent on your parents and legally an adult" That one got me thinking. It's so very true, but so very wrong...

  2. Poor kiddos - feel bad for some of them. I'm a little sleepy right now - I think I will take a nap.