Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Top Ten Wonderful World of Boys

Here's this seasons insight into how to keep those boy characters real.

1. Jumping is a perfectly acceptable mode of transportation. 
They will jump off the roof just as happily as they would jump on your furniture.  They have no problems have jumping off a rope swing into the pool, but don't be surprised if they won't jump rope.

2. Everything is a competition - even fastening seatbelts or using the restroom.

3.  Creative cleaning system.
Half of the spoons have been licked before sticking back in the drawer and the other half are just plain missing.  Time to look under their beds again.

4. Break everything.
This week they left my car door open all night while it rained and then flooded the upstairs bathroom which then flooded the kitchen.  This doesn't include even include the toy truck my son bought and broke within the first five minutes.  Ah,really?  So much for saving up for college. 

5. Miss the toilet seat but are nice enough to clean up using perfume and hand towels.  Gee thanks.

6. Mom's makeup makes for great camo paint and Halloween makeup.  Again thanks guys.

7. Love to do artwork!!!  Why, I have their sticky handprints all over the walls and windows.  I even have a few nose prints too.

8.  Good at redecorating.  I hear furniture being dragged around all the time only to find sheets and bookshelves now make for instant forts.  Socks, shoes, jackets, backpacks, and toys are strewn all over the place the minute they walk through the door, but don't bother to clean up, but they had it there for a reason. 

9.  Silence is golden right?  Um, not so much with boys.  If it is quiet, better investigate.

10.  Good news is that boys give some of the best hugs!!!  It is a competition right?!


  1. I sometimes wish I had two boys. Then I think of all my brothers and nephews and I tell myself that two girls and one boy are plenty for me!

  2. Ha, ha. Boys are . . . well boys, but they are so sweet and fun!!! Girls are great too and you are truly lucky to both!! Enjoy!!!!