Monday, November 9, 2015

The Skimm: How to Keep Up With Current Events When in Your Writing Cave

It's November, which means that thousands of writers will disappear into their writing caves for NaNoWriMo, churning out 1,667 words per day until they hit 50,000. When you're cranking on a new project, it can sometimes feel like you've literally fallen into a hole, with barely any time to eat or sleep, let alone keep up with current events.

Allow me to introduce you to The Skimm, a daily email that compiles the previous day's headlines into one quick, easy-to-skim article that arrives in your inbox each morning. The tongue-in-cheek writing makes even the most boring headline enjoyable, and it takes all of about five minutes to finish (for you multitasks out there, you'll be done by the time you finish brushing your teeth.)

Who says you have to lose touch with the world just because you've fallen into a writing cave?

Happy reading Skimming!

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