Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Nano 33.3333, Forward! and Retreats.

Two chairs by the lake with words "Insert Writers Here"
We're about a third of the way into Nanowrimo and wherever you are in the process, give yourself a pat on the back. Whether you're ahead of the curve, racing to catch up or extending your plan into December, the fact that you've put words to page is a great start. 

I've spent a lot of time these past few weeks writing away at my local Starbucks and it's been productive but the start of November also means the start of Christmas season and there's only so much seasonal music I can take. 

As important as it is to find time to write by yourself, sometimes it's great to be with like minds and in a setting totally different from the norm. 

Enter the writing retreat. 

It's a great opportunity not only to write but to meet new people or spend time with old friends. The bonus is breaks usually include scenic tours, great stories and a glass or two of wine. 

Not all of us can afford to take a week off to the mountains of Colorado or the vineyards of Tuscany but have no fear, there are mini-retreats usually right at home. 

Here are a few to give your search a boost. 

Gifts of the Night Writing Retreat - November 15 in San Diego with Judy Reeves

The Art and Craft of Children's Book Writing - July 2016 in Martha's Vineyard with renown editor Emma Dryden

Breakout Novel - April 2016 in Hood River, Oregon with Donald Maass

Looking for something in screenwriting? Try:

Nosara Screenwriting Retreat - May 2016 in Costa Rica with Bill Boyle

Check out your local writing groups for news on what's in your neck of the woods. 

Happy Nano-ing!

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