Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Writer's Resource: Literary Rambles

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Literary Rambles, the brainchild of literary intern Casey McCormick, is an invaluable resource for YA and MG writers. Even if you already know about the website, read on--there may be more to it than you think!

First and foremost, the website hosts an extensive database of literary agents who accept YA and MG submissions, called Agent Spotlight. Each entry contains info about what the agent has stated they're looking for, what they definitely are not looking for (just as important), submission guidelines, links to blogs and interviews around the web, and more. I use their profiles as an excellent jumping-off point for the rest of my agent research.

Over on the blog, there's a regular feature called Tip Tuesday where they share reader-submitted writing tips. Some previous tips I've found particularly helpful include one on how to search Twitter for specific agent information and one with rules for writing magical fiction.

Casey and her blog partner Natalie Aguirre also host interviews with authors (such as Kim Harrington), interviews with preteen/teen readers (today's is with a twelve-year-old blogger), and loads of book giveaways (like this one, which unfortunately ended yesterday). Presumably Casey and Natalie find some time in there to sleep, but I wouldn't put money on it.

Thanks to the constant addition of new agent profiles and regular interesting blog posts, Literary Rambles will continue to hold an honored place in my blog subscription list!

Every Tuesday, we post a review of a tool--website, book, software, etc.--that we think might be helpful for writers. See previous Writer's Resource posts here.

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