Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Writer's Resource: AgentQuery Connect Part 1, Query Resources

Today's post features a resource that every aspiring writer needs to have in their tool box:  AgentQuery Connect The site has everything from query writing tips, to forums for venting frustrations and celebrating successes.  In fact there are so many phenomenal tools on AQC that I'm going to use more than one post to get through them all!

Today's focus will be on the AQC query writing resources.  Many new members join the site just for this purpose, and end up sticking around for the wonderfully supportive community and the myriad of other benefits the site offers.

The query critique forum lets you post your query for peer feedback. Before posting, make sure you've reviewed the post about how to write a query and the query posting rules. You might also want to check out some examples of successful queries to give you an idea of what success looks like. The AQC community is extremely supportive and always willing to help you build you query, but you need to make sure you've done your homework before posting.

If you're brand new to the query writing world check out the query question & conversation section.  You will not only find answers to many of the common query questions, but you can post your own questions and let the experts respond.  And believe me, they will respond.  Everyone on the site was a beginner at one point, and they are always happy to lend their advice.

After posting your query, make sure to pay it forward by critiquing other queries on the site.  It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced query writer or a novice - everyone has something valuable to offer.  And the more you crit the more crits you will get, as noted in the handy section about how to get other AQCers to critique you work

In many ways I've learned more from critiquing other queries than I have from reading my own feedback - learning to identify what works and what doesn't work will only make you a stronger query writer.

I'd also recommend perusing the posted queries to see how they've evolved.  You'll find my early drafts buried somewhere on the forum - see how many faux pas you can count in my early drafts!
Happy writing!

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  1. I wish I would have had AQC before I started querying. Oh well. My next will definitely be posted up there when it's ready.

    I agree with you about learning from critiquing others. It's hard though because I worry they might take things personally. I always start with the 'I'm no expert, this is only my opinion.'