Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Writer's Resource: AgentQuery Connect Part 2, Community Resources

LogoAs I mentioned in my last post, AgentQuery Connect is an incredibly valuable resource that should be in every writer's toolkit.  Last time, we focused on query writing resources.  This time around, we're going to chat about some of the writing community resources and tools beyond query writing.

If you're new to the site, make sure to introduce yourself.  There is also a great section where newbies can ask questions to the group via the guppie pond.  Think your word count may be too high?  Want someone's opinion on how best to follow up to an agent?  Not sure where to start?  Post your question and let the vets respond.

In addition to writing resources, the site is an excellent way to connect with other writers.  Had a bad day or just need to vent some frustrations?  Check out the litter box.  Finally made it through your revisions, or received your first partial request from an agent?  Share your good news in the good news boast bar.  There are even boards for genre specific topics, where you can connect with other writers from your genre.

If you're starting your agent hunt, check out some of these handy sections:

1.  Agent Updates - this section includes updates on agency moves, blackout periods, new agents, etc.
2.  Agent Submission Process - this section allows you to post any and all questions about the submission process.  I'd recommend scrolling through the existing content before you post your question - there's a good chance you'll find your answer in the existing archives.
3.  Contests and Conferences - here you'll find posts about upcoming contests and conferences.  It's a great resource if you're interested in getting involved with some of the agent blog contests that happen each month.

If you're looking for a critique partner, or just need someone to review your first few chapters, check out the wanted ads.  There, you can post an ad or respond to other posts.  I've found a number of beta readers this way, and every one of them has been fantastic!

Every time I login to AgentQuery Connect I find something new - this post only begins to scratch the surface.  I hope you'll spend some time exploring the site and the wonderful community of writers you'll find there.  And don't be a lurker!  You'll get so much more from the site if you join in.

Happy Writing!

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