Monday, March 20, 2017

The Ending

Writer's block is the worst, but what happens when it comes at the end of your story?  You've just spent countless hours and months slaving over a project and have no idea how to end it.  Frustrating right?!

Here's some ideas that might help.

First of all, if you are a planner, then perhaps write without plans and see where your writing takes you. Now if you are a panster, do the opposite by creating several endings and pick your favorite.

Here's a few ideas on how to end your story:

1. Plot Twist - you know how this works and talk about an exciting ending!  Just make sure to give readers a few hints along the way.

2. Tie the story back to the beginning.  One of my friends wrote a fan fiction piece where she ended the story with a letter that was revealed earlier in the story.  It was a pretty fun and clever ending!

3. The resolved ending where everything comes together neatly.

4. The unresolved ending which is good for those planning to write a series.

5. The what the heck happened ending - you know the kind that lets the readers determine the ending.  Talk about fun for the reader!!!  Only problem is for the writer.  This ending is tricky, especially if you are having writer's block.

And if all else fails, maybe you just need some feedback.  Take your WIP to someone you trust and use them as a sounding board.  That might be all it takes to jump start you back into writing.

Here's a to a happy ending!!

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