Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Conference Networking Tips: Social Media Marketing World (in pictures)

When possible, go with a friend. If you're having a great time together, you have a safe base to invite others into the fun. :)
If you're going solo, try to befriend another singleton and from there you can scoop up all the other singletons to form a mob of supportive conference-goers. 

And always have your hand sanitizer at the ready. You don't want to get sick mid-conference!

Wear a statement piece of jewelry, even better if it has a story to share when people ask.
Mine was bought from a Bedouin who gave me a roadside camel ride on the way out of Jerusalem.
He said it was made by one of his wives & the polygamous arts & crafts story usually draws a smile.

Long days. I need chocolate. And sunglasses for when I take a break outside.
Chocolate at conferences is kind of one of my trademark moves as well.
I assume that since I want it others will too & sharing things I love is always a fun way to meet new interesting people.
And of course, you always want to have a business card handy...


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  2. I love that brand of chocolate - I don't know how you can share it!! JK. I don't think I've found a flavor of theirs I don't like, but my favorites are the chip and firecracker ones!