Wednesday, June 1, 2016

YA Summer

It's here. . . summer . . .  well here for some and almost here for others.  As I write this, we have three more days left of school and then it's summer.  Since it is almost summer, I thought I'd find some topics for YA and summer.  I did a quick google search  and these sties popped up.

* Dealing with mental health issues                                                
* Summer Behavioral Programs
*10 topics to discuss with your teenagers        
*Teen jobs and taxes
*Summer camps
* Vacations

Hmm. . . clearly summer isn't all fun and games for teens.  They still face many of the same challenges they facing during school times just minus the school work.

So I guess when writing a summer time YA you can be either whimsical or serious just don't forget to throw in a little a teenage angst.  But then again I suppose that's sort of the point!!

Well, whether you writing YA this summer or living YA this summer good luck!

No, really good luck, have fun, and keep it real!  I wish you best of luck and I hope to see your YA on the shelf one day.  Until then, go out there and enjoy life a little - who knows maybe that's just when the idea for your next story decides to pay you visit.  I know that's how I get many of my ideas - that and my family and friends give me all kinds of great material to work with too - they are kind of crazy, but in a good way!

Happy writing and have a safe summer!!

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