Thursday, June 30, 2016

Keeping It Real - The Answer To Why Are You Qualified To Write This Book.

You've written your book, you've written a practice query, and now you're looking for an agent.

 One of the first questions often asked by agents is why are you qualified to write this book.  Sigh!  Really?

 It's true; they ask it over and over again. That's just one of my reasons for "keeping it real."

So, my writing objective this summer is to "keep it real." My plan is to journal my three week experience acting as a "Trail Angel" this summer for a group of hikers setting out for the Rockies.  I call it "Tales From The Trails."  Cute, right?!  Next time I get asked why am I qualified to write this book, I can say well 'cause I did it.  Bonus, I get to have fun while doing it too!

Get out there.  Experience life.  Enjoy life.  Write about life.  Just keep it real!

FYI - a "Trail Angel" is someone who helps through hikers out on their trek.  For me that means meeting up with the group every few days, feeding them a meal or two, and then resupplying them before they disappear into the woods again.

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