Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Birthday National Parks

National Parks turn 100 this year.  Pretty awesome!  But for me, National Parks are extra special.  I have chosen to use National Parks as settings for my Mason Davis series.

My first novel, Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Makers, takes place in the Southwest and covers many of the parks from Texas to Arizona.

My second book, Mason Davis and the Storm Maker's Song, takes place in parks ranging from Florida to Texas.

My last book, Mason Davis and the Fight for Freedom, covers the parks and sites surrounding our country's capital.

Now, I may draw from nature (and our National Parks) for my inspiration, but my ideas are often dwarfed by the significance of these national treasures.  I can only humbly pay homage to these beauties, but I do hope that my stories, settings, and knowledge within my written works can help to inspire others to love National Parks the way I do. . . .  They have inspired me and taught me to keep it real.

So Happy Birthday National Parks and thanks for all the fond memories and all the inspiration.

You rock!!!

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