Wednesday, February 3, 2016

For the Love of Libraries

Personal libraries are the things writers' dreams are made of. They're filled with books you love, books you need and books you're just in awe of. With a recent move, mine is made up of a storage room of boxes and I can't wait to finally build the bookshelf I've always wanted (someday...). 

Thanks to bloggers like Kyle Cassidy and author Leah Price, we can now enjoy rare glimpses into the personal libraries of our favorite writers. 
Neil Gaiman's Personal Library
Neil Gaiman - Kyle Cassidy

Here's just a few of the most fascinating private libraries that we all wish we had in our homes. What does your library look like? Let us know!

Toni Morrison Library
Toni Morrison
Junot Diaz - Leah Price
Jennifer Pun (Pre-Unpacking)
Mark Twain's Personal Library
Mark Twain


  1. My library is scattered throughout the house, but the bulk of it is in the family room, overflowing from book cases. Some day, I'd love to have a room dedicated as a library that also functions as an office. As soon as one of my kids moves out!

    1. Love it! It's great to see that we're all sharing one dream :).