Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In the News: Revisions & Releases

I love to revise pinEveryone yearns for that day when they type the last word of their manuscript and then stamp it with a big THE END! But sadly, we know the last word is usually the start of an even harder process.. REVISION!

We may take a few weeks off, come back and review. It's always great to look at a manuscript with fresh eyes.  But it's important to get different perspectives as well.  Whether it be from a writing group or other peers, the opinions of others are important.  

I am a big fan of the independent editor. Mostly because I've been lucky enough to know a few great ones.  From Lorin Oberweger at Free Expressions to Emma Dryden.  Yes, there is a cost to their services but the benefit of professional fresh eyes is invaluable.  

Novel BOUNCE by Noelle August Cover PageIt doesn't matter if you're fifteen or fifty, revision is an important part of the writing process.  The blog Two Teachers Writing does a great job of providing an outline of the importance of revision and how to entice kids to go through the process in their own writing.  It's an article that I think is still relevant for those of us well beyond the high school years. 

It's during this phase of revision that we also go through the crazy neurotic process of comparing ourselves to others.  "OMG, I can't believe I wrote that crap." seems to be something I hear myself saying often.  Especially with all the Facebook groups and industry communities that we tend to be a part of, another person's success is often taken as our own personal failure.  Emma Dryden's post is a nice reminder that we don't have to play that game. 

Finally, a little bit of release news. I'm so proud of editor and friend Lorin Oberweger and the release of the third book in her BOOMERANG series BOUNCE!   Written under the pen name Noelle August with New York Times Best Selling Author Veronica Rossi, new adult novel BOUNCE follows Skylar and Grey who's budding relationship is anything but another girl goes gaga and drools over boy kind of book.  Check it out here

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