Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Keeping It Real - Let's Give Them Something To Talk About

What happens on vacation stays on vacation or ends up on facebook or so the joke goes.  For writers though, what happens on vacation could very well end up in a novel!!

So vacations are not only restful, but can also be invaluable to a writer's growth.  Trips are a great way for writers to be spies and gather information on a new place.  Talking to or even just observing people expose writers to not only new ideas, but also new ways of speaking.  So that means writers can use vacations to help improve their ability to create interesting dialogue.

Other authors have done the same thing in the past.  Hemmingway, a master of dialogue, used his real life experiences to help create many of his stories.  He was a master at keeping his writing authentic and his dialogue sometimes reflects that reality.

So next time you go on a trip, get your gab on and see who responds.  And if you are shy, then that is okay too - just observe.

Once again dear writers, use your imagination, but remember to keep it real - just a little at least.  Have a great summer. Enjoy your life and have fun with your writing.  I hope to read about your stories one day.  Until then bon voyage!

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