Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Keeping It Real - The Curious Lives of Boys

Writing a story that has a boy character?  Maybe a pesky younger brother?  Well then, welcome to my wonderful world of boy post.  Here's this months Top Tens.  Maybe you can get some ideas or inspirations.

 1. Hides food, even yummy, delicious gummy vitamins, in the couch cushions.
 2. Places furniture over spills (okay, I admit it. . .  I do that too)
 3. Bathroom humor is hilarious!!!!
 4. Very physical. Must be touching each other every blooming second of the day.  I think wrestling
      is their form of hugging.
 5. Video games.
 6. Burping is a form of communication.
 7. Eat food that falls on the ground.
 8. Video games again.
 9. Eat anything that looks like candy even if it is mom's birth control or a piece of broken black Lego
    on the floor next to the changing table (hello, what if that was something that fell out of your
    brother's diaper?)
10. Eat stuffing out of pizza crust and then use the crust as a straw.


  1. I've never seen my boy do number 10. That's funny!

    Here's something to add to your list: keeps the oddest items in his pockets! (stick, rocks, candy wrappers, wadded-up homework assignments...)

    1. Yes, pockets are so not my friend. I have ruined many a load of laundry because I forgot to check the pockets.