Monday, April 20, 2015

Writing Characters With Appropriate Body Language and Micro-expressions

When something big (or small) happens in a scene, a writer may use interiority to allow a protagonist to process the event. Other characters' reactions are often limited to dialogue (very unreliable) and action. While some actions may be overt and necessary, if a writer wants to create a more nuanced reaction, it might be fun to try using research into body language and micro-expressions. I've compiled a list of some fun sites to learn about how we use subtle actions to convey our heart's true desires. I believe that this intel has potential to be good for both writing and first dates :). Enjoy reading and happy Monday!

  • Article on How to Read Eye Movement:
  • Basic Article on Body Language:
  •  Intel on Microexpressions:
Other fun links:

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  1. These are fun. I especially enjoyed the first article about eyes. I'm telling my kiddos not to stare down dogs . . . well not to look at them far too long in case this does cause a dog to feel threatened. Also enjoyed the reason why children may not look at you when answering. I have a friend who will enjoy the response to that. Mitchell has also taken an interest in psychology so I'll pass this blog on to him to take a look at some of these articles as well.