Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How can Life's Challenges Shape us?

The other day in my English class, I was given the writing prompt:  How can Life's Challenges Shape us?  I could have easily gone with my own experiences.  This year has been difficult for me.  I've been constantly sick.  First, I  had Strep Throat, then Flu A, a broken foot, and finally, Mono.  As a result, my grades aren't where I'd like them to be.  They are good enough, but could have better if I hadn't missed so much school. 

I could have easily chosen to write about my illnesses, but since this was a practice writing prompt for a standardized test, I decided that I'd better follow the format we'd learned which was to include an example from a book and from a movie. I did exactly that and I made a 100 on my paper.  This got me thinking.

A 100 on my paper

Is the writing industry so formulated as well?  Based on my limited research. . . um, yes . . . there is some expectations to follow.  Some tips include:  Follow the story arc; include universal themes and emotions; avoid clich├ęs, adverbs, and adjectives; fifty percent of the writing should be dialogue; write what you know, but with your own unique twist; and make sure you have your own voice. 

So, this year I will be working on trying to reign in and shape my wild ideas into a more universal story and hope for the best.  I can't promise that I'll master the art or that I'll even get published, but all I can do is work on my craft and grow as a writer. Happy writing!

My book among the greats.

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  1. I think this is a worthy pursuit. It's good to learn how to "pass the test" sometimes before you can really take off and do your own thing. I once heard it this way, "Learn to follow the rules so that you can learn how to break them." Worked for me.