Monday, December 8, 2014

New Year Countdown

New Year's Countdown Clock

Now that NANOWRIMO is officially over and Black Friday, a distant memory, we may find ourselves slowing down to prepare for the onslaught of holiday parties, Christmas cheer and New Year's bubbly.  It's hard to dedicate oneself to writing when there's a tray full of reindeer cookies and spiked egg nog just screaming your name.

You may feel that familiar tingle of guilt creeping up the back of your neck.  You think to yourself "I really should be writing." Perhaps you should be, but sometimes, it may also help to take the time to reset and rest that crazy constantly working brain of yours.  Relax, rewind and prepare for a strong start to 2015.

Marc Chernoff, from the blog MARK AND ANGEL HACK LIFE has provided us with a great list of 30 things to let go of before the New Year.  It's a pretty extensive list and some are more relevant to me than others, but if I'm able to even let go of one or two of these, then that's a pretty big step in the right direction!

A great place to think about your list of things to let go would be in your "white space".  What's my white space? You might ask. Dan Blank describes it as "a place where we discuss the possibilities of what can be; where bad habits are negated; and where we honour the need for the space in between other things in our lives."  For him, naps are one way that he experiences White Space in his life.  For me, I'm going to be honest, I'm still trying to figure that out.

Time flies by fast though and I'm sure as soon as you've had a chance to unwind (in my case, I'm hoping for a massage and a glass of wine) and think about how you're going to tackle the new year, you'll be kissing your loved one(s) and wishing them a Happy New Year!  So to make sure you're well prepared for that fateful hour when your New Year's resolution begins, I'll leave you with Joel Friedlander's 20 ways to become a more production writer.  I know I'm going to be clicking back to this link sooner than later!

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  1. Checking emails. I've heard others say to stop this practice too. I've never been able to stop that one.