Monday, December 1, 2014

If you've ever done fundraisers, then you can promote your book.

Congratulations!  You're done!  NaNo is over and it is time to start editing, but before revision it might be a good idea to think about marketing.  That's right marketing.  It is never to early to start "selling" your book.

For some of us, writing is the easy part, but "selling" ourselves is a bit trickier. So what to do?

Well, if you've ever done fundraisers, then you already know how to promote your book. I found this out recently when I won a singing competition to Carnegie Hall.  Out of thousands of people, I won a tenor spot in an all High School Honors Choir performance at Carnegie Hall.  The catch? I have to pay my way.  Thus, the fundraising campaign. That's when it hit me.  Fundraising and promoting one's book are pretty similar.  Here's what I learned:

1. Start early - get the word out there to create interest in your project so that people have time to  
     think about it.

2. Establish goals and timelines

3. Try many methods - social media, online, cold calls, booths, etc.

4. Promote
    * Post signs, flyers, & posters
    * Write a press release to the local newspaper, television, and radio stations

5. Use friends as networks

6. Have a party or book launch

7. Be professional

8. Be friendly.  Smile.  Be ready to talk about yourself

9. Set up a table at a craft fair, library, grocery store, etc. and do the following:
    * Stand - so that you are easy to approach
    * Bring a blown up poster for your stand so that it can be seen from far away
    * Decorate table to attract interest
    * Have giveaways like bookmarks, pens, or candy

These are just a few examples.  What works for you?

Celebrate!  NaNo is over.

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