Monday, October 28, 2013

The Curious Lives of Teenagers: Religion

The subjects were asked their thoughts on religion, here is what they responded:
  • Philosophy is the wise man's religion. We know the lack of knowledge of the purpose of everything. Yet we accept that we don't know, instead of accrediting it to a big man in gold.
  • I think religion is great for certain people, but not a fit for everyone. I also think people should not criticize others for what they believe, no matter what it may be.
  • I did not fear the Emperor, the Emporer feared me. --Wutang
  • I'm a Christian, however I have huge interest in philosophy, be it normative, skeptical, or critical. Critical literature about identity is interesting, as well as power. I love reading Hume, Hegel, Foucault, Nietzsche, Kant, Butler, Derrida, etc.
  • To be honest, I couldn't tell you because I don't know.
  • I myself am not a religious person, but I feel like if a person gains a sense of value or finds happiness through a belief system, that is all that matters. We can't dictate what each person wants to believe in.
  • I think that all history textbooks should teach equally about each religion not 5 pages on one religion (Islam) or 1paragraph on another (Christianity).
  • I believe that we will win.
  • Religion is used as motivation.
  • I grew up without a religious influence in my life; without believing in God, but entertaining the idea of a higher power. I do not believe in fate. Fate is too often used as an excuse by those who are afraid to take control and make decisions. Saying that I believe a certain philosophy, however, is also inaccurate, and I would like to believe that I take elements from different philosophies and tryly analyze and adapt them.
  • God is so good.
  • I'm not saying you have to believe in one certain religion, but just in something bigger than yourself.
  • I don't judge off of Religion because I think it's amazing how many beautiful beliefs there are in our world. But my view regarding my own religious values is truly confused. I'm not quite sure whether I will believe in a God or just simply in others.
  • Catholic all the way!
  • I don't believe in God, I believe in Science. Haveing a close family friend pass recently, I have turned to questioning religion and how now is the time I want to believe, but I can't, and that scares me. I believe in hope, though, and the feeling of peace.
  • I've been taught not to hide my religion. I'm a Christian and I'm proud of what I believe in. I believe being a Christian is more than going to church every Sunday but spending time in the word and being a light to others. It's more than just a religion to me; it's a lifestyle. I believe that I'm forgiven and that Jesus is my Savior.
  • I believe that religion causes too many problems in the world. Not for the religion itself, but people disagreeing with a religion that isn't their own. Worry about what you believe in. Not others. Less conflict.
  • Everyone shoudl be free to live. Peace. Happiness. Food.
  • I believe that religion is very important to society because it teaches people morality and gives them a purpose and something to look forward to. I believe that religion can make each individual a better person.
  • Religion has never been a game changer in my life. Like God is not the answer to all my problems. That doesn't mean I don't believe in a God but it is not a huge contribution to my life. Some people will do anything for a diety or a god just to get in to Heaven. Als o if there happened to be a God (still not saying I don't believe) he would not be and create terrible things like plague, hunger, war, and other things. In all religions they create problems for others (Christians & Jews), (Muslims and Jews), etc.
  • Science.
  • Why not believe in God? Why be Athiest? Athiesm confuses me.
  • Who gives a crap what other people think! Do what makes you happy! HAZZA!!!

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