Monday, October 14, 2013

The Curious Lives of Teenagers: Girl Fights

Backstabbing, trash talking, Twitterbashing, and the like all fit one stereotype: Girl Fights. This month, the subjects were surveyed on their thoughts about the subject, and the results are divided by gender. 

From the girls' perspectives:

  • I think it's girls fighting for dominance over an object, a person, or even each other.
  • Girl fights actually just suck. Oh my.
  • Girls are just ridiculous.
  • Girl fights are really just about a guy that really doesn't like either of them.
  • Girl fights are always about boys.
  • Girls who have drama like drama. It's not hard to avoid. Learn to treat people with respect and nine times out of ten you won't have issues with other girls. Be nice.
  • Girl fights basically consist of girls calling each other names due to boys, comments made about them, and other things.
  • Girl fights are caused by girls that feel the need to be the center of attention. In my opinion it makes you look dumb and insecure.
  • When girls argue obviously it's not serious because the next day they're the best of friends.
  • Girls never solve their issues.
  • Girl fights are the longest fights ever. Instead of confronting the source or girl you have a problem with, most girls use friends as their personal telephones.
  • I try not to involve myself in fights between girls, because let's face it -- an angry, hormonal teenage girl is scarier than a rabid gorilla chucking spiders at you.

From the boys' perspectives:

  • Girl fighting nowadays seems slightly more tamed although I have seen some unfold. I basically feel that the fighting that goes on is completely useless. Communicate something rather than backstab someone/gossip about them or fight with them.
  • Girls fight about the stupidest things like compliments. "You're so skinny," "no, I'm so fat," "no you aren't," "yeah I am." that kind of stupid thing pisses me off.
  • Girls are very secretive and backstabbing. It hurts a lot more than how boys fight, even though boys fight physically. Girls think everything out like a master plan.
  • Girl fights are when two friends fight over the internet, talk behind each others' backs, but still hang out with each other and compliment each other while inside they hate each other.
  • They're a joke. Any girl fight can be solved with a post on Instagram.


  1. Girls are mean. Their fights are meanier. And they don't make-up ever!

  2. What happens when ya where the same outfit to a paryt.