Thursday, May 16, 2013

BEA 2013: A List of Links to Help You Prepare

Confession: One of my life’s goals is to understand every element of books I can so that I can devote my life to promoting them. As an English teacher, aspiring writer, and purveyor of mini libraries around the world, I knew I had to experience BEA, but the timing has never been right. Until now. I’m going this year.  So, in my usual obsessive manner, I had to spend hours researching the BEST way to experience the Expo. Here are some highlights:

Hilarious classic guide to identifying the flora and fauna of book expo from important editors to swagaholics and the like:

The Book Bliss team is interviewing BEA 2013 authors in their homes and posting videos. Pretty cool to get a preview of who will be there/ get more excited to meet them/ feel like you’re there even if you don’t get to attend. There are also videos with cupcake recipes to go along with favorite book titles:

A great template schedule of library-oriented/of librarian interest events:

Wendy Watson writes about donating pieces of her art to the Maurice Sendak memorial auction for ABFFE.

Want to know what happened last year? I like the notes from 2012 here, and wonder will Harlequin still have the most traffic? Will Dreamspinner press be giving out Chapstick? Will the ebook and independent publisher sections continue to grow? I’ll find out soon, and I like having the questions to ask ahead of time. J

Love Rick Riordan? He’ll be there, but you’ll have to be strategic to see him. Unfortunately he will not be giving out ARCs so you boo-you won’t get one, but yay-no spoilers out there. Here are hints for die-hard fans:

A fascinating look at BEA from a marketer’s perspective. It’s not as recent as the other posts, but still worth the read to understand how to avoid looking unprofessional, and the importance of studying the market/knowing the business of books.

Want to know who will be the speakers at the author breakfasts/tea? A fun way to find out: the 2013 Author breakfast Harlem Shake video? Hint: last I checked they still had some tickets for sale, but hurry..  

I hear that the Editor’s Buzz panels are not to be missed. But if you can’t make it, it’s still cool to know which books have been selected for the hype.

Some great tips on navigating the convention, and the link to the previous post on past BEA controversies and ettiquite??? Priceless. Hint: Please don’t bite anyone no matter how hungry you are for that ARC.

And if you want a specific list of clothing to pack along with your tips:

More tips, and these focus more on how to escape with either your arm or your leg (NYC is expensive!) Glad I now know to bring a phone charger, and suitcase and/or money to mail books home.

That said, you might want to plan out which galleys most excite you so you don’t have to mull over your choices there. Here’s a dizzyingly exciting list of what will be given away this year:

A side note: The Perseus group is sponsoring a hackathon this year for techie types to compete for new innovative ways to get books into the hands of people:

Whew. I’m feeling ready. Thank you to everyone who put online their tips and notes. I can’t wait to share author anecdotes/pictures and stories about how books are made/distributed with my students when I return. And if you're going as well, please say "hi!" or hit me up on Twitter so we can get excited together! @laurenlori


  1. Sounds like fun. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks for doing all this hard work for us. I really enjoy your blog!

  3. Hope you get to see Rick Riordan. Love his books!

  4. While your at the bookfair, hopefully you'll check out Month9books.

  5. Thanks for the research. I've enjoyed checking out the sights. And now I really can't wait to hear all about what you've learned and experienced.