Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Writers Resource: SmartEdit

Tool for editing manuscripts

I planned to write a completely different post, but earlier this week I was introduced to a handy little writing tool called SmartEdit, and I had to share.

SmartEdit is a free and easy-to-use tool that speeds up the editing process.  You simply post your manuscript in either a text or rich text format and hit enter.  The SmartEditor then lists repeated words, repeated phrases, counts dialogue tags for repetition, lists adverbs, highlights cliche phrases and identifies potential misused words (their vs. there, affect vs. effect, etc.)

Overused words in manuscriptsSounds amazing right?  It is.  I popped my manuscript in and a few seconds later I had a full listing of all my trouble spots.  (Guess who used the word like over 400 times in their manuscript?  This girl!)  

I found the adverb listing to be especially handy - I never realized how much I used unnecessary adverbs like actually. I actually use it quite a bit.

You can download the tool for free right here:  SmartEdit

Now go forth and edit!

A huge thanks to the bloggers at QueryTracker for introducing me to this amazing tool!

Happy Writing!

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