Monday, June 18, 2012

Curious Lives of Teenagers: Dads

In order to respond to the cultural norm of celebrating one's father on Father's Day, subjects were asked to respond to the prompt "my dad..." Here are their replies:
  • is a 12 year old in a 46 year old man's body
  • is cool because he lived in Japan for four years
  • is better than yours
  • died nine years ago on father's day
  • is the reason I'm not afraid to fly
  • is way too in love with Lacrosse
  • is old
  • is the beez neez
  • likes to sing
  • is not a ginge
  • fakes English accents in public
  • has a handlebar moustache...I love him
  • is a role model
  • is the late night snoring on the couch while the tv lies on a volume of 10. He is that brilliant cook who never makes anything, but loves to "help." Ha ha.
  • is super strange
  • makes the best creamy Mac & Cheese
  • cooks Sunday breakfast every Sunday. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • does a great immitation of Elmo
  • is the Karate King
  • farts with great, putrid winds that have rolled straight from a stinky hell
  • is Steve Irwin, Tim Allen, and Charlie Sheen
  • is a guiding force helping me to strive for success whenever a helping hand may be needed. He brightens the nights with his jokes and works hard throughout the day in order to insure that the rest of us are safe
  • an angry stork, but a man that knows how to work and bring out everyone's best
  • is the most amazing man I know
  • the stubble on my dad's cheek is grey and black/his hair, once jet black is now grey/ but as my dad gets older/ he definitely doesn't get colder/ instead his smile been getting warmer/ every single day
  • is king of the hand sanitizer
  • is a lucky penny which I happen to be blessed to find on the grimy side.
  • is always there when I need him, always puts a smile on my face, & has taught me more than anyone else has
  • tells me about how great of a fisherman he is when he really has only been once or twice
***Observation: More subjects opted out of this prompt than any other, but those who wrote were more enthusiastic than usual. Seems subjects were more sharply split than on any other question, though no one spoke of why.

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