Monday, September 4, 2017


As of our last posting on Wednesday, August 23rd, we haven't had much time to sit and think.  See, on Friday, August 25th, Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast and with it, our lives turned upside down. First of, let us say that we (along with our loved ones) are just fine, but we were among the lucky few.  We are not even going to touch on those feelings because this is not the time nor place, and we are still at a loss of words.

 One thing keeps haunting us though and that is our last post.  In that post, we advised against writing about storms in the first ten pages of your manuscript.  Now we are not so sure.  Since the hurricane, social media has exploded with the most beautiful writing we have ever seen and it all centers around this horrific storm.

Thus we recant our previous statement and say just write - even if it is about storms - just write.  And remember to get out there and live.  Above all . . . keep it real.  The world really is an amazing and beautiful place!

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