Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Reasons to Write . . . Gulp. . . Fan Fiction.

 For starters, I'll admit it is a little fun.

See, I have a close friend who has been bitten by the writing bug and decided to write fan fiction. She tells me all kinds of funny stories about what her characters are doing and how people are reacting to her writing.  It seems like fun.

So on this year's Thanksgiving road trip, I did a little google search on writing fan fiction and then decided to give it whirl myself.  Why not?  What else am I going to do for a five hour car trip?

By the way, I never did finish my story, but it was fun to do and it got me writing again.  But here is what I learned from listening to my friend, internet searches, and my own experience:

1. It is fun.
2. Good writing practice.
3. Learn to come up with and focus on new ideas and plots.
4. Acquire Beta Readers
5. Learn from reviews on how to be a better writer and what your target audience wants.
6. Build a following.

FYI - I'll keep y'all posted on whether I finish my fan fiction piece and if I decide to post it.

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