Monday, September 5, 2016

Get walking to get writing.

For years people have told one of my best friends that she should write a book and she so should.  She finally gave in and started writing.

 I'm so thrilled!!! I have one more person in my life with whom I can talk about writing.  Extra bonus she and I worked on portion of concept one morning and it was exciting to a part of it and I was so happy to be a help - however small.

The other morning, we discussed her progress.  I was interested to learn that she (like me) enjoys going for walks to help her develop her ideas.  For me walking is not only a great way to get inspired, it helps me to invoke all my senses and for some reason, the movement just seems to get those ideas flowing.

So yes, just sitting down and writing is important, but getting up and moving around helps too.  And of course so does getting out there into the real world and living a little.  You know - keep it real.

Thus, I end with this encouragement - write, walk, and keep it real.


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