Monday, March 23, 2015

Recently, I, along with roughly 200 other High School  
Mitchell getting ready for Carnegie Hall
singers, performed at Carnegie Hall. It was not only
an honor, but a thrill. Since then, people have asked
me many questions.  The most popular being how do
you get to Carnegie Hall?  The answer, of course, is
 practice, practice, practice.

This same statement is true of anything in life, but especially writing.  But remember to keep the balance - or keep it real.  Don't shut out life, but instead embrace it to make your writing that much more alive.  Here are some of my favorite writing suggestions and a great way to experience life:

Make friends.  They make great beta readers.


Get a hobby - more things to write about.


Play a sport.



And who knows where this will lead you.  Maybe someday even to Carnegie Hall or even a bookstore!!! 


Party Boat

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