Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What Writers Are Thankful For

What Writers are Thankful for

  • When your writing playlist perfectly synchs with the emotional swells of your plot
  • The 2am buzz when the characters won’t let you sleep and you have to hear what they’re going to say next.
  • Eating decadent chocolate bon bons instead of real food as a reward for that extra thousand words
  • Quiet
  • Finding answers to the questions in your life while you’re looking for that perfect simile
  • Writing conferences (one of the few places where the phrase “listening to the voices inside my head” won’t get people backing away from you slowly).
  • Messaging that friend you made at a writing conference on Twitter who will tell you to how to keep writing after rejection.
  • The end of a first draft
  • A cozy blanket and a fireplace
  • Coming across a perfect setting in a classic novel and understanding why it’s perfect
  • Having a way to jump in to the thousands-year-long conversation of how to best live on this planet
  • The perfect writing chair
  • A room of one’s own
  • That dude with the wild ear hair you met in line at the grocery store for sharing with you his processed lunch meats conspiracy theory because you were needing to hear the cadence of a good rant
  • Fresh pens, even though all of your writing probably happens on a laptop.
  • Independent bookstores and their carefully curated recommendations sections
  • Finally figuring out how to fix a wonky character arc after staring at the ocean for days
  • Michael Jackson dance parties in your socks when you’ve hit your word count goal for the day (oh wait. That one might just be me :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m also thankful for our little crew of writers and readers around here. I wish you well & please add anything I've forgotten in the comments. I could always use more things to be grateful for. 



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