Monday, February 24, 2014

Industry Review: Trains, Planes & Books!

Amtrak Train

This has got to be the highest trending topic for writers this week (besides the Olympics - congratulations Team Canada & Team U.S.A!). Amtrak's Writer's Residencies Program has got everyone uber excited. I bet there's not a writer out there who's not sitting at their desk daydreaming about a getaway to write while traversing the American countryside - for FREE! Well…the first two were anyway.  But the cool thing is, this all started on social media and with enough support, this could become a regular program (Canada Via Rail - hear that? *hint* *hint*). 

If you had a chance to book a train or flight to catch SCBWI's New York Conference this weekend, you were in for a treat! From sold out intensives like "For Writers: Plot and Structure in Fiction" moderated by veteran editor and publisher Emma Dryden to thought provoking keynote speeches by poet and best selling author Nikki Grimes and best selling author Kate Messner, this year's New York Conference was not one to miss. BUT, if you did, fear not. You can catch all the highlights on the official SCBWI conference blog.  

Fall may be quite some time away, but if you're planning a trip and you're looking for reading material, there are some great novels headed your way.  Publishers Weekly just released it's Fall 2014 Children's Sneak Previews.  Special shout out to author/friend Martina Boone who's Beholden will be published by S&S/Pulse. 

Now finally, everyone can enjoy a little downtime from all the activities these past few weeks and bask in their new found SCBWI knowledge and Olympic glow (hopefully aboard a scenic train ride across some great states ;)). 

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