Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Great New Query Resource: Critiki Lounge

Looking to shiney up your query?  Check out the Critiki Lounge, a great new query resource created by two writers who were inspired after hosting the 2013 Like a Virgin pitch contest.

How it works:
Every month the site hosts several volunteer writers (aka the Lounge Lizards) that have successfully made it out of the trenches. Accepted genres change based on the Lounge Lizard's area of expertise.  If you have a query that fits within that months genre requirements (and you're unagented and follow the guidelines)  make a reservation and your query could be that weeks pick for the Scorpion Bowl (aka the featured query).

Fun, eh?  There are a lot of useful resources out there to help writers work through their queries, but I love that this site connects unagented writers with agented and pubbed writers that have successfully mastered the art of the dreaded query.

Regardless of whether or not your query gets critiqued that month, the past Scorpion Bowls posts are available for viewing so you can peruse the feedback and offer up comments of your own.

The Critiki Lounge is currently open to February submissions (with a Valentines Day inspired theme).  And if you're a YA Paranormal Romance writer, yours truly will be offering up her services on the 21st. ;-)

Happy writing!


  1. Quick addendum: looks like they will be closed in March and April to focus on their annual Like a Virgin contest (open to first time contest enterers) so get your queries in for Feb while there's still time. More details here:

  2. Sound like fun. Thanks for sharing. I do have a YA paranormal somewhere on the back burner, but due to computer problems, I doubt I'll be pitching this month.

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