Monday, September 9, 2013

Villain of the Month: Cruella de Vil

The Cruella pictured here is only an actor. In real life she would never harm a puppy; IRL she's the anti-Cruella, in case you were wondering. :) 

Yes. She's terrifying, especially to pet-lovers everywhere, but why? This week's villain is Cruella de Vil and here are the top six reasons why she's so darn scary...

6. Her own theme song. Normally I would find that awesome, but here it ups the fear factor. Harder to emulate in writing form (perhaps try the repetition of a melodic phrase?), but worth mentioning nonetheless.

5. The name. So much potential in a name. Cruel + Devil = Cruella De Vil

4. Blinding obsession with materialism. I mean, really, I understand a need to look fabulous, but at what cost? At what cost????

3. Her symbolic need to live in black and white. She doesn't have metaphorical color in her life. No appreciating sunsets or love of sharing chocolate with a good friend. Her life is even visually stark.

2. No human connections. She doesn't have anyone to keep her in check; there is no one she loves more than herself, or much, really, at all. She's void of human warmth.

1. Because even though she has everything outside, inside life sucks for her so she takes it out on the defenseless. The adorable snuggly cuddly little defenseless puppies. Puppies. That's cold, man.


  1. Good one! I need to make a copy of this post for sure and share it with my own writing students.

  2. Enjoyed the post! It made me smile, espcially the picture and the that's cold, man at the end. Nice touch. Something must be in the air this week since Writer's Digest just had a post this week about helping to flesh out the protangist. Another good read. FYI.

  3. Really, who would hurt puppies? Cats maybe? Puppies no way!!!

  4. I thought her name was Cruel and Evil.