Monday, August 19, 2013

Curious Lives of Teenagers: I Am...

When asked how they define themselves by finishing the sentence "I am..." this is what the subjects had to say...

  • the dancing queen.
  • still Mormon.
  • halfway done with high school and surprisingly sad.
  • legend.
  • me. There may be many like me, but I am my own.
  • a student, a sister, a friend, a daughter, an athelete, an almost herbivore, a perfectionist, a dreamer, but most importantly enjoying life as I travel through each day.
  • throwin' hunnets.
  • not yet Beyonce.
  • the Savior of Gotham.
  • physically pink but mentally yellow.
  • a girl who is so excited for summer and can't wait to go to Mexico
  • ratchet.
  • different. #2Chainz
  • a kid trying to find his way through high school, finally realizing that now will determine the rest of my life.
  • Ryan Lochte.
  • still looking for me.
  • a flame growing brighter, refusing to be extinguished by any challenging gust of wind.
  • a heart breaker, dream taker, love maker, don't you mess around with me.
  • an anxiety-ridden, depressed teen with PTSD and no friends. I am a pretty average teenager. (when voted upon, this one won as "best answer.")

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  1. Ah, those teenagers. The things they say. Sometimes they make me smile. Sometimes they make me sad. But always they make me think.