Monday, June 10, 2013

Curious Lives of Teenagers: I Read...

Subjects were asked to fill in the blank "I read...". Here are their responses:

  • To live a double life. To have that as your secret life. The one you can only imagine.
  • When I get paid to (which never happens).
  • We read to experience.
  • Because it's a wonderful escape. and the closest feeling to actually experiencing something firsthand.
  • When I run out of South Park episodes on my DVR.
  • Cus I'm usually forced.
  • In order to be compatible with the upper echelons of society.
  • When Ms. Monahan tells me to.
  • Because it helps me escape from my own life and live someone else's. It makes me forget about my hurt and enjoy the love and happiness of characters. I'm too busy worrying about their problems instead of my own. It brings me happiness...
  • To expand my vocabulary and when the power is out.
  • Because books are like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're gonna get.
  • To enhance my kindergarten-like vocabulary.
  • So that when I'm done reading everything else seems more exciting.
  • To enhance my brain and gain knowledge and to pass English.
  • To experience things I otherwise wouldn't have, to expand my knowledge, and to distract myself.
  • Because I don't own a TV.
  • Because our imagination can create a setting with no limits.
  • I read to escape my life, even if it's for a little while.
  • It's fun :)
  • To get girls.
  • Because my wifi is broken.
  • Because books let us experience others' goals, dreams, and problems without having to go through their hardships ourselves.
  • Because it's fun and exciting. you get to experience different situations without actually being there.


  1. Reading makes your writing stronger. :)