Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Writer's Resource: QueryTracker Premium

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QueryTracker.net is one of the best web resources available to querying writers. The basic membership (free!) allows a user to search their extensive agent database by dozens of criteria, make a list of agents to query with private notes, and keep track of responses and material submissions.

But if that's not enough for you, I highly recommend checking out QueryTracker's paid upgrade option, QueryTracker Premium. For a seriously cheap $25 a year, members get the following benefits:

  • The ability to track queries for multiple projects.
  • A whole bunch of premium reports, like a list of which agents are the fastest responders or the ones queriers have marked as most helpful in their responses.
  • Ability to add a private listing for agents who aren't in the QT database (rare, but it happens).
  • Access to raw data about each agent's activity gathered from QT users. This one is AWESOME. You can see a list of the QT users who've queried each agent, which date they queried, when and if they've gotten a response, and what that response was. I've been using this feature a lot recently!
And in researching this post, I came across several other features of QueryTracker Premium I didn't even know about. Color me surprised! I'll be checking these out immediately:
  • Access to "Similar Tastes" reports--this apparently will allow me to select an agent who requested my manuscript and then get a list of agents who tend to request the same material as that one. Sounds like I might find a few more to add to my query list this way.
  • The ability to receive emails when a new agent or publisher is added to the database.
I have no professional affiliation with QueryTracker--but you can count me as a satisfied user!

Satisfied customer

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  1. I love QT and the premium membership really helped me stay organized as I searched for my agent. I'm giving it away as one of my favorite things as a writer!